20 days to revolutionize your diet

Have you tried many diets but you have not obtained the desired results? Have you decided to get back in shape but don’t know where to start?

Nuvola Zero comes to your aid with its 20-day Personalized Food Plan that helps you start off on the right foot to reach your goal without stress and with taste.

It is a service offered online that consists in the elaboration of a dietary food program designed specifically for you by a nutritionist, which aims to achieve your psycho-physical well-being. The meal plan is drawn up on the basis of your individual characteristics, such as height, weight, body structure, your general state of health and the diseases, intolerances and allergies you suffer from. In addition, it takes into account your tastes, habits and lifestyle. The ketogenic eating plan is based on the intake of foods rich in fat and protein, while reducing carbohydrates and sugars. Each meal is carefully planned and balanced to ensure proper nutrient intake and to support the process of ketosis, in which the body uses fats as its main source of energy.

  • Lose weight and get back in shape
  • Improve your metabolic parameters
  • Increase your sports performance
  • Follow a ketogenic diet without risk
  • Adopt a healthier and more balanced diet
  • Fight fatigue and feel full of energy

When adopting a controlled diet it is essential to be followed by a nutrition specialist. Especially when choosing a carbohydrate-free diet such as ketogenic, you need to calibrate your new diet based on your nutritional needs, lifestyle and health. Without forgetting the taste! In this way you can achieve concrete goals without risk to your health. Find the right diet for you and you can finally say goodbye to extra pounds.

Are you always in a hurry and following a diet is difficult? No problem, your personalized program makes your life easier. By purchasing the Nuvola Zero Food Plan, at the end of the online consultation with the nutritionist you will receive a balanced 20-day food program with all the personalized meals and the supply of Nuvola Zero products provided by your personalized plan. Many balanced, satiating meals, to always take with you even outside the home. Practical, isn’t it? Nuvola Zero’s carbohydrate-free products also help you activate your metabolism and reach your goal faster. The results come quickly and after the road is all downhill!

How does that work

After the purchase, in addition to the order confirmation you will receive a questionnaire to print. This is the initial anamnesis, which is essential to develop your personalized plan. Fill out the questionnaire in its entirety and send it to:

The initial anamnesis is used to collect important information before proceeding to the online visit with the nutritionist, in which various topics such as lifestyle, eating habits and individual goals will be addressed.

The collected data will then be processed to develop a personalized meal plan that will be sent to you within 7 days.

You will also receive at home all the Nuvola Zero products provided by the nutritionist in the food plan. The doctor may predict the intake of other foods not included in the package.

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What does the purchase of the nutrition plan include?

Any subsequent check-ups will be counted separately directly with the nutritionist.