Sweet Box


For the incurable sweet tooth, but without sugar.

A taste of all the sweet products of Nuvola Zero, selected thinking of those who have removed sugars and carbohydrates but can not give up sweetness:

Products in this Box:

Dolce Zero® Vanilla flavor × 2

A fluffy vanilla-flavored muffin with a high concentration of fiber and protein and with only 0% carbohydrates and sugars per portion.
A snack with a delicate flavor that helps you fight hunger without weighing you down.
Gluten free and lactose-free. (single portion 47 g).

Dolce Zero® with Cocoa × 2

A soft and fragrant protein muffin with 2.5% cocoa powder and only 0% carbohydrates and sugars per serving.
The snack that satisfies your sweet craving and helps you fight hunger without weighing you down.
Gluten free and lactose-free. (single portion 47 g).

Dolce Zero® Hazelnut flavor × 2

Muffins with a delicious hazelnut flavor rich in fiber and proteins with high satiating power, zero carbohydrates and zero sugars for each serving.
Gluten free and lactose-free. (single portion 47 g)

Plumcake Zero® Yogurt flavor × 2

The unique and inimitable Plumcake Zero® in the classic yogurt flavor version. The perfect dessert for a soft and tasty breakfast without any remorse.
With the satiating properties of its soluble plant fibers it gives you a boost for a long time and satisfies your sweet cravings.

Plumcake Zero® Coconut flavor × 2

A soft coconut flavored plumcake to enjoy at breakfast or as a sweet snack to break hunger.
Sweet yes, but without sugar and with zero carbohydrates.
Perfect for those who follow a ketogenic diet, for those who train and need to contribute protein to their diet and for anyone looking for a satiating and satisfying food from the point of view of taste.

Plumcake Zero® with Cocoa × 2

A soft cocoa snack to enjoy at breakfast to feel light and full of energy.
The plumcake without carbohydrates you were waiting for to make your low carb diet even tastier.
It is lactose-free and gluten-free, therefore also suitable in case of food intolerances. Always carry it with you in the practical single portion of 50 gr.

Plumcake Zero® Salted Caramel flavor × 2

The salted caramel no-carb plumcake is a little burst of taste that you can indulge in whenever you want, even if you've eliminated carbs from your diet.
Enjoy it at breakfast to start the day well and always take it with you in the 50 gr single portion.

BiscoZero® with Cocoa × 2

Nuvola Zero revolutionizes the concept of diet snack with BiscoZero®, the only sweet biscuit with 0% carbohydrates per portion to always carry with you in a pocket single portion ready to use (20gr).

Sweetly flavored with cocoa, to save you from hunger attacks.


Pancake zero powder mix

Protein and diet pancakes ready in minutes with this mix powder preparation with 0% carbohydrates. Ideal for breakfast or for a satiating and delicious brunch.

(Pack of 6 servings)


Pancake zero with Cocoa powder mix

Tasty cocoa protein pancakes ready in minutes with this mix powder preparation with 0% carbohydrates. Ideal for breakfast or for a satiating and delicious brunch.

(Pack of 6 portion)


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Diet yes, but leave me my sweet!

If you are also part of the “sweet team” and the part of the diet that you tolerate less is the deprivation of sugar, this box is dedicated to you. Here is the best way to try all the sweet products of Nuvola Zero, giving yourself a cuddle whenever you want without ever straying from your diet. All products are strictly carbohydrate-free and suitable for a healthy and balanced diet.
  • gluten-free
  • lactose free
  • sugar free
  • without flour

What do you find in this box?

Open the box and discover all the sweetness of Nuvola Zero:

6 soft muffins without carbohydrates in the three variants proposed; 8 Plumcake Zero flavored with yogurt, coconut, cocoa and salted caramel (all lactose and gluten free, perfect in case of food intolerance); 2 packs of BiscoZero® cocoa to dip in yogurt or milk or nibble at times when hunger assails you; And to top it off 1 pack of cocoa pancake mix with which you can prepare a fabulous sweet brunch in a few minutes and 1 pack of classic Pancake zero.



Opinions of those who have tried it

nuvola zero ottima azienda, i prodotti sono buoni e soprattutto giusto rapporto qualità - prezzo.

stefano pisan 26 June 2023

Ottimo negozio, la selezione di prodotti senza glutine era molto ampia e di alta qualità. Ho trovato tutto ciò di cui avevo bisogno dalle farine senza glutine alle paste alimentari senza glutine ai biscotti e ai prodotti da forno.

sandro rosalni 24 June 2023

5,0 su 5 stelle Buonissimo


Chiara fortuna 24 June 2023

Ho recentemente acquistato nel loro negozio che vende cibi senza glutine e sono rimasto molto soddisfatto del mio acquisto. Il personale è stato molto cordiale e disponibile aiutandomi a trovare i prodotti che cercavo e anche suggerendomi alcune opzioni nuove che non avevo mai provato prima.

Prodotti molto buoni. Mi sono trovata bene consegne veloci e precise.

Considero Dolce Zero un ottimo prodotto per una dieta Ketogenica, buon gusto e delizioso sostituto per colazioni e merende. Consiglio gusto cioccolato o vaniglia!

Acquisti sempre ottimi, arrivano sempre ben confezionati.

Alberto Merlini 17 June 2023

5,0 su 5 stelle davvero molto buone

Acquistate per prova e innamorata. sono ottime, soffici e gustose. arrivate in tempi record come sempre. davvero una colazione sana ed equilibrata

Alimenti molto buoni, consiglio di acquistare da loro se si vogliono prodotti salutari.

Assistenza molto preparata ad ogni dubbio del cliente. Consiglio vivamente nuvola zero!!!

Anselmo Barese 14 June 2023

4,0 su 5 stelle Non male

Meglio di tanti altri prodotti senza carboidrati. Gusto leggero, morbidi

Alessandra V. 19 May 2023

Ho iniziato la dieta chetogenica e ho acquistato da loro i prodotti necessari. Consegna velocissima!


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